The Zombies or Duppies
The zombie
are one of the main inhabitants of The Deadside but can also be seen in The Paths of Shadow. Although most every creature in Deadside is some type of Zombie or undead these are not to be confused with the Deadsiders or the Dead Wings. Jaunty refers to them as the 'Wailers' meaning spirits. They are almost always seen in large groups.

Zombies scream like a cougar when they first see Shadow Man then start flailing their arms to scratch him (1000 damage to health). Zombies will also spit green blobs at Shadowman from afar, causing 500 health damage with each hit. They are harder to defeat in the early stages of the game so it is better to outrun them or get to higher ground.


  • There is a 'secret activated' cheat code in all three versions of Shadow Man (PC, N64 and DC) that lets you 'Play as Duppie ' skin. As are all the other 'Play as' cheats this one doesn't disguise you from that specific enemy. 


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