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Yort was going to be one of the enemies to be fought in the original Shadow Man game before it was cancelled, though it was featured in concept art found in the Book of Shadows. Along with the rest of the cut content in the original game, Yort is restored in Shadow Man Remastered.


Yort is a giant, repulsive monster with a large tail that can be found in the depths of the Temple of Life in the Wasteland. When Shadow Man first encountered Yort, he is surprised by the sudden appearance of this monstrous creature. After a short cutscene, Shadow Man will begin fighting it and the Yort Floaters that are flying around the room. Once the fight begins, Shadow Man can't get out of the room, as there is an invisible wall from where he enters the room that blocks him off. When V.1.11 was released, Yort's arena was redone and becomes smaller than the old version's, allowing Yort to tail whip Shadow Man far away and into the burning hot coals. At times, Yort will spawn Yort Floaters that appear from it's head. When Shadow Man is further away from Yort, it will fire three balls of projectile vomit at him that goes at an increasing speed that is faster than those of the Bicephalods, the Dead Wings, Zombies, and of course, the Yort Floaters. This is changed in the V.1.11 update. It will also attack him with it's tail, which it uses to slam against the floor and send Shadow Man far away. Once Yort is defeated, either with a voodoo weapon or Mike's ShadowGun, it opens the path for Shadow Man to explore further, leading him to the Baton and the Altars of Life, which allows Shadow Man to trade via 100 Cadeaux for increasing his strength. Unlike the other enemies that can be fought again, Yort is gone, leaving the open area safe for the rest of the game.