Hey everyone! Well, this Wiki was founded way back in the early 2010s. That's awesome! Sadly, though, there hasn't been much activity on this Wiki for the last few months. (See screenshot below.) I figure that's probably because of the low participation on this particular Wiki. Shadowman is awesome, but he's just one of the many characters Valiant has put out over the years! So, I'd like to invite all of you on this Wiki to consider consolidating your energies with those of other fans over at the Valiant Wiki. That Wiki has been around nowhere near as long as this one has, but we've got new energy coming our way and we've made a lot of progress in our first year. We're not a huge group, but we're growing and are expecting to grow more with the fruition of Valiant's web-series and movie deals. 

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Y'all haven't had a whole lot of activity in the last few months...

I was kind of motivated by the profile of your #1 ranked contributor, Embrace Darkshade, when s/he said "I would like more information on the new 2013 Jack Boniface Shadow Man cause I haven't read the comics so I can't add any info on him." Well, I've read the comics and a lot of the information has been filled in on the Valiant Wiki by other fans already. What that Wiki really needs is help with the characters and the games that have been born of the Valiant Universe. Most of you on here are comfortable and knowledgeable on the Shadowman of videogames. We are (for the most part) not. We could also use more fans of the Valiant character games and of those versions of them and of that entire side of the Valiant Universe! I love the depth of information this wiki has already documented that we have yet to get to, and I think people from this wiki should be the ones to fill out their sister-pages at the Valiant Wiki. 

Our one-year anniversary is coming up and we're talking about celebrating it by rechristening our Wiki something more movie/game/web-series friendly, like the Valiant Universes Wiki instead of the Valiant Comics Database WikiWe'd love to have your help build some more of the infrastructure of this amazing universe! 

Please give it some thought and at least check out our Wiki. If you're interested, here's the comic book version of Shadowman.