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Shadow Man is my favorite game of all time so I wish to share all my knowledge about this game to the wikia

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community. I have written lots of articles including factual trivia that I know from the game from my own personal experiences or after asking Tim Haywood who scored all the music in the game. Several photos are my own screenshots from the PC version and N64 version, if not they are not already credited to their 'screen capture' owners.

I would like more information on the new 2013 Jack Boniface Shadow Man cause I haven't read the comics so I can't  add any info on him. Please be kind enough to make a 'start spoilers' section and an 'end spoilers' as I have already done with several things that spoil the end of the videogame.

I have finished reading all the Valiant Shadow Man 1997 comics so I've added what info I know relating to these comics. Story wise there is a lot of 'plot-holes' referencing years and characters in the Shadow Man video game VS the Shadow Man '97 comics so I tried my best to cross reference the two.

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