Asylum Undercity

Asylum UndercityEdit

"Don't walk softly into the jaws of the dragon, do not acept the loathsome embrace of the beast at the heart of the horror but, instead discover that fearsome face. Teeth bared, eyes aspark with ice-cold hate, sinews braced for the fall and yet I felt the beast does not await me at the maze's dark core. I am on the edge of knowing and yet I am afraid that the knowledge will cause me to walk, a willing sacrifice, into the jaws of the dragon."

- The Shadow Man enters the Undercity

The last of The Asylum levels Shadow Man will encounter in the game. This time you are underneath the Asylum and the atmosphere is very dimly lit, it is implied to use the Flambeau to light the way. Most of the walls and floor look like The Deadside then gradually morphs into the black bricks and architecture of The Asylum. The celing is full of metal pipes and bones fused into the rock. Because of this blend of setting the enemies are blended also for the first time including the Zombies, Hookman, Sniper Guard Hookman, Surgeons and the Trueforms. Everything still remains a mystery to the player and Shadow Man other than he is getting very close to the darkest conclusion "I am on the edge of knowing....".


  • In the area with metal pipes that Shadow Man runs on after jumping up several ledges there is one lonely bone-like 'C' shaped pipe sticking out of the ceiling. If you successfully jump to it you will gain another 'Cheat Activated' code ("Play as Duppie" in the N64 version).