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The Liveside.

The Liveside is the normal world. Michael LeRoi (the player) starts his adventure in Liveside, Louisiana, where he must journey to Nettie's Chapel. Once the player reaches the Chapel, a cutscene is triggered where Nettie tells Michael about the Dark Souls, The Apocylypse and how he must journey into The Deadside. Michael is then given a pistol and his brother Luke's Teddy bear that he uses to travel. Then he goes to Deadside to start his mission.

Characters on The Liveside[]

Nettie is the only character that the player encounters in The Liveside. Although, there are Dogs they are not proper characters. There are other people in The Liveside, Louisiana, but not encountered ingame.


  • The Liveside still has cadeaux that can be collected, even though The Deadside has them too.
  • Some guns can only be used in Liveside
  • While Mike is in Liveside he is a mortal man that can drown in deep water.