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Sister of BloodEdit

Protectors of the Govi and are seen in the Gad Temples of The Deadside. They are female blue skinned witch-like beings that can float on the air & throw energy blasts at you that will ricochet off the walls. There are three types as follows:

  1. Acolyte, the gold clothed ones that are usually found near the ground and are weak

  2. Adept, the purple clothed ones that fly more, have better accuracy and are medium difficulty

  3. Matriarch, the red clothed ones they fly in figure eights, have great accuracy are hard to defeat and are usually guarding the most precious thing in the Temple the Gad altar.

The Shadow Man must complete the trials of the Gad & collect the Govi but in doing so disturbs the Sisters from their 'sleep'. The Sisters will be heard chanting or singing before they are seen if they are already disturbed previously. They will come to life if a switch is activated or if a Dark Soul is taken. 

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