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The official transcript for the video game Shadow Man and Shadow Man Remastered.

Menu Intro[]

  • For many thousands of years, the Shadow Men have protected the world of the living against threats crossing over from the spiritual plane known as Deadside - The place where everyone goes, without exception, when they die. Michael LeRoi is the current heir to the mysteries of this ancient lineage - bearer of the Mask of Shadows. When darkness falls, he becomes the Walker Between the Worlds, Immortal Voodoo Warrior, Taker of Souls, Lord of Deadside, the Shadow Man.



  • Jack: The ninth of November, 1888. By my deeds am I known. And I'm known as Jack, Springheel Jack, Jack the Ripper. By my deeds am I known. And they are truly bloody. I took them all to my heart: Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Edowes, Mary Kelly. And loved them, truly loved them all. But the immortal power I sought within the sordid confines of their bodies, the still beating organ of the soul was not to be found. The ritual of the knife was to no avail. I am bereft and must, therefore, perform that bloody ritual upon myself.
  • Legion: Stay your hand, Jack, and listen to what I have to say.
  • Jack: How'd you find this place? Who are you?
  • Legion: My name is Legion - For We Are Many. The immortal power you seek does exist. It does indeed, Lie within the soul - but only within certain ones, Certain Dark Souls. (Legion raises his hand, summoning the Dark Soul)
  • Jack: My God! What are you that you can produce such things from thin air?
  • Legion: Merely an explorer, much like yourself.
  • Jack: What is it that you want from me?
  • Legion: You are an architect by trade are you not?
  • Jack: I am.
  • Legion: Then I would have you build a Cathedral to Pain - a place where you and I and others like us may join together. A place of Asylum - for all of the unique and misunderstood individuals that will follow you as the time of Armageddon approaches. And at the heart of Asylum, we shall construct a great Dark Engine powered by souls of equal hue and we shall harness their power to create an immortal army, to punish and cleanse this pathetic world.
  • Jack: And where might I build this Cathedral of yours?
  • Legion: Across the veil - in the darkness. Amongst the restless spirits of those who have passed beyond. In the place known as Deadside.
  • Jack: Then, if i'm to join you, I must die!
  • Legion: It is Prophecy - we cannot fail. For We Are Many...
  • Jack: For We Are Many! (stabs himself with the knife, gagging on the ground dying in front of Legion)
  • Legion: Amen to that.

Wild at Heart - 1999[]

  • Victor Batrachian (voice): The End is sooner than you think!
  • Avery Marx (voice): Come to momma, baby!
  • Marco Cruz (voice): Hey there, space cadet!
  • Jack (voice): Catch me if you can! Ha ha ha ha!
  • Milton Pike (voice): This is the end, beautiful friend!
  • Legion (voice): For We Are Many.
  • Nettie: There's a darkness coming!
  • Shadow Man: What's the proclem, Agnetta?
  • Nettie: I had a dream, Shadow Man. A real bad dream - a Deadside dream. The Five are here. The heralds of the Apocalypse. Deacon's file confirms everything I feared. The end's coming, Shadow Man. An ancient Prophecy tells the return of a great Evil to Deadside. A terrible force gathering Dark Souls to it's darker heart and using their power to cross over into this world and bring about Apocalypse.
  • Shadow Man: I must stop this Evil from bringing about The End of All Things.
  • Nettie: Only you can do it, Shadow Man. You are the Walker Between the Worlds. I can't go Deadside and Jaunty's next to useless in both worlds. You are the only one that can do everything about this.
  • Shadow Man: As it ever was...
  • Nettie: But you ain't never confronted anything about this Evil. It's so pure not even the ancient protectors of the Dark Souls can destroy it. They can only banish it from Deadside. They knew it'd come back one day, hence the Prophecy telling of it's return. The power of the ancients is all but gone now and the Dark Souls that Evil desires lie unprotected. What you gotta do, Shadow Man, is to go Deadside and recover the Dark Souls. Take them into your own protection, before Evil gathers them to it's terrible heart.
  • Shadow Man: (standing from the bed) Okay, so let me get this straight: If I don't recover these Dark Souls, then the world is gonna end. Am I right?
  • Nettie: You got it.
  • Shadow Man: Shit.
  • Nettie: Look, I gotta go. I got a lot to do. Take Deacon's file and meet me at dawn at the church on the hill. I kept your stuff safe for you.

Bayou Paradis, Louisiana[]

  • Michael LeRoi: I hate this shit. Just a pawn in Nettie's masterplan. She moves me in mysterious ways (and brother, sometimes she really does move me). Can't do nothing about it since - nice as you please - she knitted my ribs into the Mask of Shadows. I got nothing left anyways. It's my fault Luke's dead, and mom and pop too. I deserve everything I get - every bad thing that comes my way. Can't live, can't die - Deadside's a perfect hood for me. A nowhere-place. The asshole of the universe.

Mama Nettie[]

  • Mike: Nettie?
  • Nettie: Hey there, Mike. Glad you could make it.
  • Mike: How could I refuse your offer - how could I ever refuse you, Agnetta?
  • Nettie: You can't. I'm simply irresistible. I hope you read the file I gave you, and read it real well. Between the lines, you will find the signs.
  • Mike: You got my stuff?
  • Nettie: Come on in, honey.
  • Mike: You know, on the way over here i got to thinking about these Dark Souls. If they're so damn dangerous, why didn't the ancients just destroy them?
  • Nettie: Because that's impossible - their power is their immortality. If Evil ever manages to implant these immortal souls into it's monstrous slaves, can you imagine the carnage of an immortal, unbeatable army would bring to the earth? That's Apocalypse, Shadow Man - that's the End.
  • Mike: Ok, ok. So I really gotta get to the Dark Souls before the bad guy, I understand that. But where do I find them?
  • Nettie: In Govi. Each Govi has been sealed by the most powerful voodoo. Not even the greatest Bokor or Mambo can open them to release the Dark Soul within, believe me I tried. But a Shadow Man, or something even more powerful, just might be able to do it. Release the Dark Soul and take it into yourself - but be warned: The Dark Souls are a pure and ancient evil, and possess a power that should not be abused.
  • Mike: Ok, ok. Let's just get this over with. You got my stuff?
  • Nettie: Right here.
  • Luke (voice): I'm still scared, Mikey!
  • Mike: Jesus, Luke! He's alive - alive and in pain. I gotta help him!
  • Nettie: He's dead, Mike - you know that.
  • Mike: I know, but I saw.
  • Nettie: It's understandable that you still have strong feelings for your brother. That's why the bear works for you - connecting you to Deadside. Use it now, Mike. Go Deadside and find Jaunty. He's waiting for you at the Marrow Gates. He's got something to show you.
  • Mike: Ok.
  • Nettie: And Mike.
  • Mike: Yeah?
  • Nettie: If you need me, I'll be here. Now, go see Jaunty and get them Dark Souls.



  • Jaunty: Hello there, Michael. How's death treating you?
  • Shadow Man: Jaunty, kindly refer to me as Shadow Man. Michael LeRoi has no place here in Deadside.
  • Jaunty: Whatever, Mick - it's good to see you again. Seems like simply AGES since I last set me eyes on your happy, smiling mug.
  • Shadow Man: The feelings mutual.
  • Jaunty: I suppose you've been away dallying with the old battle-axe. Giving her one with some of that righteous voodoo so she can stay forever young?
  • Shadow Man: Something like that.
  • Jaunty: She's been filling your head with that fetid pillow talk again, I'll bet - doomsdaying and armagiddying until you're drunk with this stuff.
  • Shadow Man: She did happen to have a certain prophetic dream she's been having.
  • Jaunty: Did she now? Well, for once I think the old witch might be right. See that bloody big black tower, yonder?
  • Shadow Man: How could I miss it?
  • Jaunty: Well, old Bruegel, the medieval painter blokie was just telling me the other day that he thought it looked remarkably like a picture he once did.
  • Shadow Man: Is that Pieter Bruegel?
  • Jaunty: No, Seamus, his distant irish cousin. Anyways, he was quite shocked, so he was, at the terrible mess that bloody thing's making - appearing out of nowhere and tearing it's way through the place like there's no tomorrow. Which, given what Nettie's saying, might not be too far from the truth.
  • Shadow Man: Any idea what's going on in there?
  • Jaunty: Nope - and I shan't be knocking on the front door to find out neither. All I say is, if there's something wicked heading this way, it'll be coming from in there.
  • Shadow Man: Nettie mentioned the Dark Souls - can you tell me anymore about them?
  • Jaunty: I'm afraid I'll have to reply in the negative again, Michael. Suffice it to say, Nettie's told me that they're bloody powerful, well nigh indestructible and shouldn't fall into the wrong hands.
  • Shadow Man: Any idea where they might be?
  • Jaunty: What - am I a Dark Soul travel guide, now? I suppose you could try all of the ancient sacred places down among the wailers and shiverers. I just hope that none of those souls have ended up in that filthy big black tower.
  • Shadow Man: From what Nettie was saying - some of them already have - which is all the more reason for me to be pushing on. Open the gates, Jaunty.
  • Jaunty: Places to go, people to see, hey Michael?
  • Shadow Man: Just open the gates, Jaunty.
  • Jaunty: Did I ever tell you about the time me and Atilla the Hun were home playing skittles with the guillotined heads of the French aristocracy?
  • Shadow Man: Jaunty!
  • Jaunty: Alright, alright keep your bloody hair on - which looking at your shining bonce, my prove to be rather difficult. Open sesame! And if you want to pop by, chat awhile, I'll still be here. Just a shame we can't share the lot of the hard stuff together by a roaring peat fire.
  • Shadow Man: I don't drink... with snakes.

Return to Bayou[]

No Dark Soul[]

  • Mike: Nettie, I been Deadside, beyond the Marrow Gates - but I see no evidence of the Govi, nor the Dark Souls.
  • Nettie: Well, you just need to look a little harder. The Dark Souls ain't gonna be just lying around the place, they're sacred, which means they're gonna be hidden.
  • Mike: Okay, but where?
  • Nettie: How the hell do I know?! You're the Shadow Man - you know the sacred pathways through Deadside. Get yourself back there and use your eyes!

Discovery of the Paths of Shadow[]

  • Mike: I've gone deeper into Deadside and discovered a place that only Shadowmen may enter - but, I'll be damned if I can find a Dark Soul.
  • Nettie: You will be damned if you don't get yourself together, Shadow Man. The Prophecy is taking effect. You've found the Paths of Shadow, built by your predecessor, Maxim St. James. Search the Paths for the Govi and when you find one, use your Shadowpowers to open it. Now, get to it.

Collected a Dark Soul[]

  • Mike: I've found and taken a Dark Soul, Nettie. It's power is real strong - I can feel it surging through me. How many should I take?
  • Nettie: It is said that the Dark Souls numbered six score, enough for an entire army. Keep going, Mike, you're doing real good. But, remember, the power surging through you is very dark and very pure. Respect it.

Level 2[]

  • Mike: My Shadowpowers increase, Nettie, and as they do, I feel like as if a great darkness is threatening to swallow me up.
  • Nettie: You ain't felt nothing yet, Shadow Man - you ain't been inside the Asylum. It's your fate to go inside the rotten heart of Deadside and then pass beyond it to The Five.
  • Mike: So, the five serial killers Deacon mentioned in this report are from Deadside?
  • Nettie: Uh-uh, the Five are mortal men under the influence of a greater evil. They are the heralds for the Apocalypse - opening the ways for the armies of the damned, the power of the Dark Souls unleashed upon the earth.
  • Mike: So, I guess it's next stop Asylum?
  • Nettie: Damn right. Get yourself in there and find out how to stop the Five from opening the way. An' keep taking them Dark Souls.

Post-Asylum Visit[]

  • Mike: I've followed the Dark Souls' trail into the Asylum, but, where the hell are the Five?
  • Nettie: They're in this world, Shadow Man - five mortal men touched by the power of the Dark Souls. Unlike you, they don't have the Mask of Shadows controlling and channeling the dark power. It twists their minds, fills their already tainted hearts with even greater perversions, and a hatred so terrible it had sent them insane.
  • Mike: Okay, so they're in this world - but where exactly?
  • Nettie: That;s your job, Shadow Man. You gotta go back to the Asylum and find a way through - the same way the Dark Souls found their way into the Five. Hunt the mothers down, Shadow Man, and kick their sorry asses. But, remember - they possess an immortal power and only by taking their souls will you truly defeat them.

Back to Jaunty[]

No Dark Soul[]

  • Jaunty: Michael. Back so soon? Getting a bit too spooky for you, eh? Scaring the bejesus out of you, eh?
  • Shadow Man: Jaunty, much as it pains me to admit it, I need your advice.
  • Jaunty: Is that right? Well, fire away - not literally mind you.
  • Shadow Man: Nettie's sent me to look for these - Govi, that supposedly contain a Dark Soul. Well, I've not even come close to one.
  • Jaunty: Ah, poor you. Let me put it this way - if you're trying to keep a source of immortal cosmic power from falling into the hands of the ultimate in evil. Would you leave that source of immortal cosmic power just laying around the place for the world and his wife to stumble across?
  • Shadow Man: I guess not.
  • Jaunty: Well, then... You're going to have to look a little harder, aren't you?
  • Shadow Man: I guess so.
  • Jaunty: And Michael?
  • Shadow Man: Yes?
  • Jaunty: I wouldn't worry your pretty little bald head about it too much. I mean - it's only the end of the world.

Discovery of the Paths of Shadow[]

  • Jaunty: Well, if it isn't me old friend Michael! Have you found anything yet?
  • Shadow Man: I've discovered a place that only Shadowmen can enter - but I have yet to collect a Dark Soul.
  • Jaunty: Mmmm, I seem to recall one of your predecessors, Maxim St. James. A Shadow Man of some repute I might add - explaining to me that he'd had some time on his hands one eon. And had set about building a safe route through Deadside. Paths of Shadow was what he called it.
  • Shadow Man: That is the place I discovered. Dark it is, and rank with the stench of defilement.
  • Jaunty: Aye, that sounds like St. James... Of course, it's anyone's guess where in hell the paths lead to now, after that filthy black tower tore the place up.
  • Shadow Man: I must return to the Paths of Shadow and continue my search for Govi.
  • Jaunty: And when you find one, use your Shadowpowers - shoot it with your bloody gun if you have to - that'd be the way to get the Dark Soul out of it.
  • Shadow Man: For once I believe I'm going to take your advice.
  • Jaunty: You can always rely on me.
  • Shadow Man: Always is too long a time to rely on anyone. Especially a skullheaded snake.
  • Jaunty: Oh, and Mikey?
  • Shadow Man: Yes.
  • Jaunty: I hope you can remember your way back.

Collected a Dark Soul[]

  • Jaunty: Long time no see, Michael!
  • Shadow Man: I have found and taken a Dark Soul... Nettie was right about them - never have I experienced such hatred and corruption. The dark fire burns within me with such ferocity that I am afraid it may consume me. And yet, these glowering flames are as a joy to me - my ability to channel my Shadowpowers has increased and I feel so much more...
  • Jaunty: Dangerous? All I ask is that you be careful, Mikey. The power of the Dark Souls is very great - and very, very evil. Which is why you need to get 'em before anyone else.
  • Shadow Man: Then, I have no time to waste...

Level 2[]

  • Jaunty: How are you doing, Michael?
  • Shadow Man: I've been putting two and two together...
  • Jaunty: So, you're a mathematical genius now...
  • Shadow Man: And what this all adds up to is...
  • Jaunty: A whole heap of stinking cow shite...
  • Shadow Man: Will you please let me finish?
  • Jaunty: Sorry, you were saying?
  • Shadow Man: The black tower ploughing its way through Deadside is called the Asylum... Something - I'm not sure exactly what yet - has somehow projected five of these Dark Souls across the veil to Liveside. These Dark Souls now empower the twisted minds of five serial killers. It seems that these five are the heralds of Apocalypse, preparing the way for that immortal Dark Soul army Nettie spoke of... But, I guess you already know all of this?
  • Jaunty: All I know is, you're in a whole heap of stinking cow shite. I also know that you need to find a way into the Asylum. 'Cuz, if you can do that, then you may be able to find out how this terrible Something projected the five across the veil. And if you can do that small thing, then you may be able to put a stop to its decidedly dastardly plan.
  • Shadow Man: Oh, is that all?
  • Jaunty: What, and you thought of being a super-powerful undead voodoo god and lord of Deadside was going to be easy?
  • Shadow Man: I didn't really have any choice in the matter, if you recall.
  • Jaunty: Whatever... If you're looking for a way into the Asylum, you might try exploring the Paths of Shadow. That filthy place has torn up so much of Deadside, it's bound to have an outlet somewhere.
  • Shadow Man: You know, that sounds like surprisingly good advice...
  • Jaunty: Always glad to be of service to a voodoo demi-god.
  • Shadow Man: The Paths of Shadow...
  • Jaunty: Oh, and Michael?
  • Shadow Man: What is it?
  • Jaunty: When you do finally get into the Asylum, make sure you tell Jeffrey Dahmer I said 'howya'...

Post-Asylum Visit[]

  • Jaunty: What can I do for you, Michael?
  • Shadow Man: I have entered the Asylum - a truly terrible place, far more dreadful than even the most twisted mind could have imagined.
  • Jaunty: I suspected as much.
  • Shadow Man: Nettie has informed me that I must find a way to reach the Five from within the Asylum. It would seem that the serial killers Thomas Deacon profiled for us are, indeed, preparing for the crossing over of the Dark Soul armies. I know that you and I may pass freely between the worlds of Deadside and Liveside, but what of the Five? How is it that they have been able to journey across the veil from the Asylum to their Liveside lairs?
  • Jaunty: Mmm... Well there was that little incident with Tommy Lee's undead gang a while back... Seemed like an aberration at the time. But, thinking about it - could've been a trial run. Y'know, this may sound crazy, but I think you should be looking for a corpse - or, five of them.
  • Shadow Man: Five corpses?
  • Jaunty: The way I see it, you trap two souls and keep 'em in a state of flux between the world - one in Deadside, the other Liveside. Neither can cross over from one plane of existence to the next, nor pass on beyond. Ergo, a schism, or bridge is formed between the worlds... So, yes, you're looking for five ritually slaughtered corpses somewhere in the Asylum.
  • Shadow Man: Jaunty, there are a great many corpses in the Asylum...
  • Jaunty: Granted, but these'll be special in some way - in a special place... Of course, if you do manage to find your way across to these psycho-loonies, you better have your Shadowpowers at the ready. I got a feeling you're gonna need 'em...

Shadow Man meets Yort (Remastered)[]

  • Shadow Man: Huh? What in the name of? Holy Shit! I AM THE LORD OF DEADSIDE! Oh Great!

Shadow Man meets the Seraph Queen (Remastered)[]

  • Shadow Man: You gotta be goddamn kiddin.
  • Seraph Queen: Shadowman... Your failure will bring about the splitting of the worlds.
  • Shadow Man: Jesus!
  • Seraph Queen: Nettie's pawn, drawn by the child with the mouth of blood.
  • Shadow Man: FUCK!
  • Seraph Queen: DRAWN TO DEATH!
  • Shadow Man: Oh SHIT!

The Five[]

Marco Cruz[]

  • Marco Cruz: Hey there, brother! Yo! What's happenin', my man!?
  • Mike/Shadow Man: Where the hell?
  • Marco Cruz: Hey, yank! Hey, soul brother! It's good to see you! You come a long way for the party - but, hell, it's gonna be worth it! I'll see to that!
  • Mike/Shadow Man: I haven't come for a party, mister!
  • Marco Cruz: Can't back out now, the cllock's ticking and your number's coming up - And it's a Mark Five, Verse Nine, an Echo Foxtrot shall we dance!
  • Mike/Shadow Man: You crazy sonofabitch! You got your damn party alright!
  • Marco Cruz: Whoo! It's an End of the World sock-hop, the Apocalypse Prom at Marco's Yard - you're on the guest list, Mikey, and little Lukey's comin' too. He's got the best seat in the house - with a split lip 'neath that big old engine. An' he's screamin' for his mommy, but mommy's gone down Deadside way. She can't help him and neither can you!
  • Mike/Shadow Man: Damn you!
  • Marco Cruz: Yeah! All riight! That's the spirit, Mikey! Let's rock and roll!

The Show Me Inn (Remastered)[]

  • Mike/Shadow Man: I smell gasoline...
  • Marco Cruz: Yo! Soul brother, shall we dance? It's about that time - time for the fandango through the flames, the hotrock harmony to the sound of sizzling flesh and his tijuana orchestra!
  • Mike/Shadow Man: Holy shit!

Inside the Warehouse (Remastered)[]

  • Marco Cruz: Hey there, yank!
  • Shadow Man: Damn! This guy is really pissing me off!
  • Marco Cruz: You know full well that the firewalk's all about keeping your cool, 'bout being the iceman cometh through the valley of outrageous fortune! Here come the slings and arrows, mister Yorick. Let's rock n' roll through that valley of death! Yee-hoooooo!

Milton Pike[]

  • Milton Pike: Hey! You! This is private property! What the hell do you think you're doin', boy?
  • Shadow Man: I ain't your boy!
  • Milton Pike: Don't you git uppity with me. You trespassin' on my property, I can call you anything I choose - boy...
  • Shadow Man: I didn't see no signs, fatso.
  • Milton Pike: That's 'cuz you didn't arrive by the front door, did you?
  • Shadow Man: I don't need an invitation, fat man. I've been sent here by a higher power.
  • Milton Pike: I'm the only power round these parts, boy. You gonna find that out soon enough. You gonna find out what survival is all about. Just like the rerun of the 'Nam- It's Judgment Day for you and all your kind. This is the End, beautiful friend. For we are many...
  • Shadow Man: Jesus - I don't need this bullshit!

Jack II[]

  • Jack: You shouldn't have come here, Michael LeRoi.
  • Shadow : My coming here was unavoidable. It is Prophecy - my destiny.
  • Jack: Your destiny is to die - that is the fate of all mortal men.
  • Shadow Man: But I'm no longer mortal. I cannot die.
  • Jack: Pah! Dying is easy. I have achieved that end more than once in my existence. And now, I have returned as a bloody messiah, an avatar resurrected - a divine servant for my master's great plan.
  • Shadow Man: If dying is easy, then you wouldn't mind if I blow you away, you pathetic little man.
  • Jack: You may try to achieve that end, Michael LeRoi. But, I warn you - you shall not find it a simple task at all. For we are many...

Avery Marx[]

Victor Batrachian[]

  • Batrachian: Good afternoon. May I help you? What I meant to say was, is there something I can do for you?
  • Mike/Shadow Man: Yeah. There's something you can do for me.
  • Batrachian: And what is that, pray tell?
  • Mike/Shadow Man: You can get the hell out of my way...
  • Batrachian: Ah, I'm afraid that won't be possible...
  • Mike/Shadow Man: Hey, anything's possible, doc - you, above all people, should know that. I'm sorry, did I call you people? My mistake. You aren't a person are you? Are you!?
  • Batrachian: Don't tell me you're expecting some kind of answer to your rhetorical question?
  • Mike/Shadow Man: Oh, yeah. I know all about you, doc. You think you're so smart - look at you, so smug in your self-belief, the hero at the heart of your own pathetic power fantasy... But really you're a little baby girl aren't you? Deep inside, shivering inside, pissing you frilly little panties...
  • Batrachian: Oh, come now...
  • Mike/Shadow Man: A squealing, puking hairless puppy inside...
  • Batrachian: Noy you're mixing metaphors...
  • Mike/Shadow Man: So move out of my way, puppy dog. I won't ask you again.
  • Batrachian: I will NOT move out of your way. I will NOT! Do you know who I am!? Do you!?
  • Mike/Shadow Man: You're my little puppy dog!
  • Batrachian: Don't call me that! I am Doctor Death! I am the Lizard King! Can't you see what I've accomplished here!? I have brought His kingdom to Earth! I am the leader of the Five! You should fear me - FEAR ME!
  • Mike/Shadow Man: I pity you...
  • Batrachian: That wasn't very nice, now was it? For I shall sit at the right hand of the Lord, did you know that? For we are many, were you aware of that? You ant, you piece of excrement... You nothing!
  • Batrachian: And now, Apocalypse. The End of All Things. Your voodoo harlot was correct, Michael dear. The End is Nigh. And it's sooner than you think!

Engine Block[]


Entering the Engine Block[]

  • Luke: Help me, Mikey!
  • Shadow Man: Luke!
  • Luke: You gotta help me, Mikey - they're gonna hurt me!
  • Shadow Man: It's okay, Luke - I'm here now! Stay there, I'm coming to get you!
  • Luke: I'm still scared, Mikey - you gotta help me. Please!
  • Shadow Man: Luke! Come back! LUUUKE!

Final Battle[]

"Luke" Runs Away[]

  • Luke: Please, Mikey!
  • Shadow Man: Luke!
  • Luke: It's bad, Mikey - real bad. They're gonna kill me if they, if they catch me!
  • Shadow Man: Luke, don't move! Stay there, i'm coming to get you!
  • Shadow Man: Jesus, Luke! NO!!

Entering the Throne Room[]

  • Shadow Man: Luke, there you are. What you doing running away like that?
  • Shadow Man: Luke - speak to me, kid.
  • Luke: Hiya, Mikey - glad you can make it. I've been waiting for you. I was scared - scared they were gonna catch me, that you weren't wanna come get me.
  • Shadow Man: Here, Luke - you should have known that i always be there for you, bro.
  • Luke: They were bad things in the dark, badder 'n the boogeyman. They did stuff to me - stuff i don't wanna think about.
  • Shadow Man: Oh god! I'm sorry, Luke!
  • Luke: Hey, you wanna hear a joke, Mikey?
  • Shadow Man: Sure.
  • Luke: Once Upon A Time there was a murder and his victim walking hand in hand towards some deep dark woods. The victim squeezes the murder's hand real tight, an' he says looking up pleadingly with his big brown eyes; "I'm real scared, mister, of them deep dark woods."
  • Shadow Man: Luke, what the hell?
  • Luke:(voice turning to Legion's) And the murder, he sighs and he says; "You're scared? How the hell do you think i feel? I'm gonna be walking back through them on my own!" (laughing) Pretty funny, heh, Mikey? Pretty goddamn amusing, don'tcha think?
  • Shadow Man: You ain't Luke! You ain't my brother!
  • Legion: Congratulations! You win the booby prize! It was never your brother - just a little insurance to get you here. Really, Michael - you must learn to let the dead rest in peace.
  • Shadow Man: Who are you?!
  • Legion: And he asked him, "What is thy name?" and he replied "MY NAME IS LEGION, FOR WE ARE MANY..." And you, Shadow Man, are Legion also - the souls of the many fill your vitals to bursting.
  • Shadow Man: To hell with this obscure shit - I don't need it! All I need to know is that i'm gonna take you down!
  • Legion: You really don't get it, do you? You're even more of a posturing fool than I first believed. When I came up with my grand and incredibly brilliant plan - which you will know as The Prophecy all those years ago.
  • Shadow Man: What? You created The Prophecy?
  • Legion: Of course I did, you pillock. Surely, you didn't believe all that bollocks about the old gods imparting the knowledge to the ancients? The only god back then was me. It was I who spoke to the ancients in their dreams and planted the seed for my triumphant return. Of course, all those years ago, I couldn't have hoped for a more willing puppet. Luckily, the puppet is you, Michael LeRoi. And of course, now that you have so kindly presented poor Lukey with his teddy bear, it is impossible for you to leave.
  • Shadow Man: You bastard!
  • Legion: Thank you. I suppose you read Les Cartes - for it is written: "And Legion took the power of the Dark Souls unto him." I knew that the Dark Souls would be difficult to get and I needed someone to bring them to me. And here you are - replete with their immortal power - a power I require to energize my Dark Engine and project my armies across the veil to Liveside. As it was in the beginning is now and forever shall be!
  • Shadow Man: It isn't over yet!
  • Legion: Oh, i think it is, Michael. Well and truly over. We spoke the word to Pike, Batrachian, Cruz and the others so that they might open the way. We whispered sweet nothings into Nettie's ear as she lay sleeping and she sent you to us, like a proverbial lamb to the slaughterman.
  • Legion:(as Nettie) The power is within you, Shadow Man - the power to unleash the Apocalypse upon your pissant little world.
  • Legion:(as Victor Batrachian) The throne awaits you, Michael LeRoi. You are the fuel for our great Engine.
  • Legion: As it was in the beginning is now and forever shall be. Amen to that!

Legion's first defeat[]

  • Shadow Man: Get up! Get up, you bastard!
  • Legion: Alas, it would appear that I am done for.
  • Shadow Man: You didn't reckon on the fact that the Dark Souls I now posses would gave me even greater power, power enough to take you down!
  • Legion: You might think that, but unfortunately, and once again, you are woefully mistaken... (growling, turning into his demon form)
  • Shadow Man: What the-?
  • Shadow Man: Jesus!
  • Legion: NOW YOU WILL DIE!!!


Bad Ending[]

  • Legion: This is the way the world ends, Michael. Not with a bang, but with a whimper. Goodbye.
  • Shadow Man:(screams in pain)
  • Nettie: Oh god, oh god no! SHADOW MAN!!
  • Legion: With a whimper...

Good Ending[]

  • Shadow Man: This is the one flaw in your plan, Legion. The Dark Souls have given me the power to defeat you. I've read my prophecy. And Legion shall take the Dark Souls unto him. Well, here they are!
  • Legion:(screams)
  • Shadow Man: I think it's time to make a fast exit!
  • Jaunty: My God, the lad's gone and bloody done it! Looks like you owe me that drink, Michael!
  • Shadow Man: I am the Lord of Deadside - Walker Between the Worlds - Immortal Voodoo Warrior. As a god, I stamp upon the writhing face of the Deadside serpent. Weapon in my hand, my hand the arching deathblow. The horror the horror I embrace it.