Sammael is a character that is briefly featured during the introduction of Shadowman 2econd Coming.

Background InformationEdit

Sammael is revealed to be a Grigori Sephiroth, one of six demons led by Asmodeus, that when freed from his prison from the pit in Gehenna will commence Armageddon on the world. His appearance may resemble that of Satan.

In Shadow Man: 2econd ComingEdit

In New York of 1976, Sammael is destroying a tenant building in New York in order to reach the Codex, a magical tome needed to release Asmodeus from his prison. However, Thomas Deacon (who was working as a police office) and his partner Gabe beat him to it, leaving him to take his revenge. The demon manages to kill Gabe by ripping his arm off, then his head, and throws Deacon hard against a wall leaving him badly wounded. After falling several floors down, Deacon manges to magically disappear with the Codex before Sammael could finish him off, leaving the latter to scream out in anger.

In the present day of the game, when Shadow Man first enters Gehenna, the path that would have led to where Sammael is hiding is completely inaccessible due to debris blocking the way. As such, the demon's fate after 1976 remains unknown.

Sammael is voiced by Guy Miller, who had voiced Legion and Dr. Victor Batrachian from the first game.