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Papa Morte, otherwise known as the demon Morteth, is the first boss character of Shadow Man: 2econd Coming.

For a long time now, Nettie has been embroiled in a bitter feud with a mysterious rival Bokor known as Papa Morte. Recently their struggle has settled into an uneasy truce, but they have a long history of violent competition for dominance of the surrounding area. The last time they 'locked horns' was some eighty years ago, during a violent dispute that left Morte missing one eye.

Nettie is one of the only people ever to have actually laid eyes on Morte, a giant, terrifying figure who operates from the Plantation, a derelict, slave-era mansion hidden deep within the swamplands of New Orleans. From there, with his ever-increasing cult of followers, Morte has involved himself in a variety of criminal activities.

The ill-gotten gains from these operations, along with a disturbing ability to brainwash his followers, have led Morte to expand his territory at an alarming rate. His spreading influence is now at the point where Nettie fears for the future of her own domain. An attack at the Wild at Heart bar and the kidnapping of Jaunty is a serious blow to Nettie, but that may be just the start.

Papa Morte/Morteth[]

Morte is one of the evil Grigori dispatched by his leader Asmodeus to bring about the ruins of the earth. In his demonic form, Morte transforms into the demon Morteth. Once convinced that Morte is, in fact, a Grigori demon, Shadow Man must destroy him first in order to keep Asmodeus from escaping the Pit.

(from the Shadow Man 2 strategy guide)