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"Hey! You! This is private property! What the hell do you think you're doin', boy?" - Milton upon first speaking to Michael LeRoi/Shadow Man

Milton Pike (born July 4, 1952): A member of the group of serial killers recruited by Legion known as "The Five". Known as the "Video Nasty Killer" for sending police recordings of his crimes. He also served in the Vietnam War and the United States Army Special Forces. In 1991, Pike was arrested for the murder of a hiker strolling through the woods in the Cypress National Preserve. Milton escaped, killing 2 deputies in the process and his whereabouts remained unknown for the next four years. From Dec. '95 -'96, he murdered 9 women and sent 6 video tapes with his symbol on them to State Police Officials. In these tapes, Pike filmed how he hunted down and savagely murdered his victims. This poem was found near the victims:

And lo, if war should have a face,

This one of Five would show the bleeding mask,

Ears pricked to savor every scream,

Teeth bared to strip the carcass wet,

And tongues to lap the vessels dry.


Not long before the events of the game, Milton was apprehended by FBI agents after an intense gun battle and incarcerated in the fictional Gardelle County Jail, which is where he can be found in the original game.

In Shadowman remastered version he is located in Summer camp Florida

ShadowMan - walkthrough 52 - THE FIVE Milton T. Pike
ShadowMan - walkthrough 52 - THE FIVE Milton T. Pike


"Fuck you, motherfucker, I know where you live!"

"I know where you are, boy!"

"This is the end, beautiful friend!"

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