Marteau 2

Marteau meaning Hammer is a voodoo weapon that can be obtained in the Temple of Prophecy. Used as a weapon, this large jawbone can rain three homing fireballs onto your foes, making it useful in rooms with several enemies that are near and far. Each use depletes 700 units from your magic meter. Each fireball causes less damage than the Baton, but more than the Asson. The Marteau's second ability is to pound three drums that will remove three barriers blocking certain rooms usually containinglife force, skulls & cadeaux. The first drums encountered in the game are near the Deadside Marrow Gates after walking down the path and jumping down the small canyon area. Several drums groups can be found in the Nager Gad temple. This ability does not consume magic power, thus can be used even when the magic meter is zero.

Embrace Darkshade (talk) 00:34, July 28, 2013 (UTC)