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Luke's Teddy Bear[]

This was Michael LeRoi's last possession left by his little brother, Luke, after he died in a drive by shooting caused by Mike taking the $20,000 left in the cab that was "hot money" wanted by some gangbangers. When Mike touches previous possessions such as the teddy bear, he has flash backs and can even hear them talking which torments him even more. Mama Nettie put a spell on the bear to react when Mike touches it, so he can travel back and forth through the veil from Liveside to Deadside, which is aided by the Mask of Shadows. Only Michael can use the bear to travel because Nettie's voodoo powers con't allow her to or she might die because she doesn't have a Mask of Shadows of her own. Neither can Jaunty, because he is only Nettie's eyes & ears in Deadside and has no physical Liveside body remaining.

Additional Info[]

  • The bear is given to Michael LeRoi by Mama Nettie in the very beginning of the game after you reach the church.
  • When the bear is in use Michael can hear Luke's voice echoing "Come on slowpoke!"
  • When Shadow Man enters a new area in Liveside or Deadside, a teddy bear ghostly image will appear allowing him to travel there anytime he wants because he now remembers how to get there.


  • The Bear serves the same purpose in Shadow Man: 2econd Coming. Legion stole it at the end of the first game and Shadow Man re-obtains it after finding it laying in Deadside in the beginning of the 2nd game, which is actually inacurate because he should have had it with him the whole time.

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