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Legion is the main villain of the first Shadow Man game. It's never stated exactly what Legion is, though it is implied that he's a demon in a small piece of text in the game's instruction manual, and repeated during the final confrontation:

"And he asked him, 'What is thy name?' And he replied, 'My name is Legion, for we are many'." -- recognizable as Mark 5:9 from the Christian Bible.

Legion also quotes and paraphrases this passage himself on several occasions throughout the game and, with increasing regularity towards the end of the game, and refers to himself as 'we' or 'us'. The last few words of the passage, "for we are many", are also used as a sort of mantra by "The Five". Legion appears as a somewhat oddly-dressed (wearing a grey morning coat, purple pin-stripe trousers and a bright yellow shirt) yet aristocratic man of between thirty and forty years of age wielding a cane-sword. However, most perturbing of all is Legion's mouth, which seems to be constantly bleeding. Legion is also the game's final boss.

Legion is responsible for recruiting the five serial killers by implanting them with dark souls to serve him in Deadside and then Liveside, by building the Asylum and creating his immortal army to cleanse the world. Legion is a being compose of many evil spirits within him, which is the reason he refers to himself as we or I and also why he keeps uttering the phrase "For We are Many".


  • Mutation form: Later on in the game he will grow into a monstrous beast that can shoot purple streams of dark energy much like the True Form creatures do. He shoots multiple homing in missiles of it that follow Shadow Man and one deadly concentrated beam as well which is his strongest attack in this form. The creature has the head of a man and a pinkish brown body shaped like a worm & is covered in large spikes (or maybe he represents a large dark soul or soul worm.)
  • The creature form is a very grotesque and unrecognizable being just like Legion himself. It's advisable to use the ensigne (shield) in combination with the Shadow Gun to block his attacks and deal damage to him. The combination of the Violator and Shadow Gun when attacking Legion is also a good idea since it lowers his health quicker. The strategy to beating him is to keep running constantly and shooting at Legion since it's too dangerous and risky to stay in one spot without moving.