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Asylum: Lavaducts[]

"I feel as though my powers are almost at their peak.

The souls within me burn with a dreadful fire that threatens to consume me

I must exercise the utmost care from hereon in - or find myself succumbing to Asylum's dark allure...."

- The Shadow Man in the Asylum Lavaducts.

The Lavaducts is a lava-filled area in the Asylum.

The level has two large churning vats that contain lava (hence the name). Most of the area is covered in either burning coals or rooms for the Hookman butchers. Most of this level can only be explored with the Gads (Marcher and Nager). It is a possibility that all the lava in the Lavaducts is for making hot coals to fuel the steam train in the Asylum Cageways to transport the Deadsiders to be butchered, but its exact purpose is never really clear in the game.

There are several Surgeons working there and guarding the Govi. The Organ Grinder Hookmen are numerous in this level, continuing the process of slicing up the Deadsiders to create the army for Legion. Also, "Sniper Guard" Hookmen are present from afar when Shadowman is running on the hot coals.

The background music of this level is named "lvlback16.wav" and starts with laughing children, some sort of an air pump running, and flesh grinding along with sounds of breaking bones. Later in the piece, a man and a woman getting punched / tortured and a baby can be heard. The laughing children can be heard again after the torture, together with the screaming baby and the tortured victim(s) crying. The German version of Shadowman's Lavaducts uses the background music of Undercity (lvlback18.vaw), but the original music file can be still found in the files.



ShadowMan Soundtrack - Lavaducts