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Meaning a lunar eclipse, when the moon passes between the sun and the earth. It's said in the Prophecy, when all three pieces of L'Eclipser are found, a "shadow will fall upon the world of men". All three pieces together create a sacrificial knife that is used to make a "shadow" fall onto Liveside, so Mike (now Shadow Man) can destroy each member of "The Five", while collecting all the Govi in Liveside as well.

Eclipser (my screenshot).jpg

The three pieces are:

  1. Le Soleil- Brother Sun
  2. La Lune- Sister Moon
  3. La Lame- The power that binds

So essentially, Mama Nettie is controlling the lunar eclipse to cause night with her voodoo powers for a long period of time, until Shadow Man rids the world of "The Five". The three pieces are just items in the game and don't serve as weapons.