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An enemy in the game categorized as Brutal which includes Hookman, Sniper Guard Hookman, and Organ Grinder Hookman.


The Hookman is a monstrous humanoid creature that can be found dwelling within certain areas of the Asylum.

Hook man.jpg

They appear as hulking monsters, which wield hooks in both hands, wearing a white bloodstained outfit. Many of them can also be seen torturing captured Deadside inhabitants such as the Deadsider. They can only attack with their hooks, but are rather fast on their feet and can inflict huge amounts of damage from these hooks. The Hookmen also make loud squealing-like noises similar to that of a pig, so listen for this so you know that they're nearby and won't get surprise by them. It's advisable to take the Hookmen out one at a time, as they can easily overpower their prey in large groups. Using a more powerful weapon like the asson or baton is an effective strategy against them. The Marteau weapon is also pretty useful if surrounded by them because it unleashes multiple fireballs. Try dual wielding the Shadowgun and the other weapons for a more effective combat strategy against them. Their health will wither down real quick if you attack them with two weapons simultaneously rather than one.

They are one of the servants of the Asylum, and can be only found there.