Gardelle Jail

Gardelle County Jail TexasEdit

The jail is a fictional place in Shadowman that can only reached by passing through the schisms in the Cathedral of Pain. The only serial killers of The Five that were 'captured' are Marco Cruz, Milton Pike and Victor Batrachian and they can all be found in the jail. The entire jail is a maze with blocked passages by gates that need to be opened from different parts of the level depending on which schism you went through first. Marco and Milton's schisms already have retractors on them but Shadowman/ Mike can't get very far in those areas cause most everything is blocked off. He needs to find the Prison key card to open all of the gates. The entire level is surrounded with bloody headless corpses of the inmates. If Shadowman/Mike walks past them sometimes they will stand up, their heads will explode and they'll start shooting/ swinging clubs mercilessly.

Gardelle County Jail has several rooms and hallways leading to different places upstairs and down. A lot of the jail is destroyed in some way with large accessible holes in the ceiling and walls, blood everywhere and most things are destroyed. Inside the jail there is a chapel, basket ball court/ weight room, pool table/ ping pong room, bathrooms, kitchen, morgue with operating tables and a few outside areas with security guard posts. The room right after passing through Batrachian's schism has a lot of his paintings in it too. There isn't any backup help coming but alarms and police sirens can be heard throughout the place. There is also only one helicopter in one of the courtyards that will say “Stop where you are” and will repeatedly fly around and shoot until it is destroyed.

Additional InfoEdit

  • In the German version of Shadowman the inmates heads never explode so when they attack they can't be destroyed. If you outrun them they will still slowly follow you throughout the Jail.
  • In the N64 and PS1 versions of Shadowman a lot of the specific rooms in the Jail are missing such as the basketball court and the bathrooms.
  • It is unknown if Batrachian or Legion created the inmate zombies or what their real purpose is. With the dead bodies and blood everywhere it is assumed that the serial killers just killed all the criminals and police guards for sport because of their pure insanity and immortality.
  • The helicopter in the German version still says “Stop where you are” in English. Nothing is ever said about the helicopter in general and why it kills whoever it sees. Possibly it is possessed. If it is destroyed with the Shadowgun then a lifeforce energy is left behind as if it was just another zombie or being.

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