ShadowMan gad tattoo

The Gads or Les Gads are tattoos burned into The Shadow Man's flesh.

During the game you will get acces to the Blood Temples of the Loa, where you can get these tattoos. You can't complete the game without these, because some dark souls are planted in places where you can only reach them with the gads, under lava, across burning coals etc.. 

The Prophecy says: "Les Gad the sacred marks given in trials by Les Soeurs de sang (The Sisters of Blood) as protection from the Elemental Fire." After Shadow Man makes his way to the Fire Temples he will be challanged by the trials of the Gad. Going through an obstacle course type of level with lava, swinging hammers, swinging scythes & moving platforms will prove him worthy in the "trials." The three temples are: 

1. Temple of Fire Toucher "to touch" That he may grasp fire, yet feel no pain

2.The Temple of Prophecy Marcher "to walk" That he may walk over burning coals

3. Temple of Blood Nager "to swim" That he may be consumed by flame yet no harm shall come to him.

The Toucher Gads are red tatoos on Shadow Man's arms. The Marcher Gads are on the lower part of his back and the Nager Gads are on the upper most shoulders area of his back connecting all the tattoos together.