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The Jack the Ripper stage as seen in the beginning cut scene and a playable map later in the game. Down Street Station is a place based on the London Underground and abandoned Down St. Station in real world London. In the fictional storyline of Shadowman Legion appeared to Jack, who was in the underground, telling him to commit suicide in order to cross the veil to Deadside and build the Asylum.

Eventually Shadowman comes across the Cathedral of Pain and finds Jack's schism and warps through it via the Retractor Key. When he arrives he finds Jack's Journal on the desk full of Jack's research and architect blueprints on the walls just like the intro cut scene. The Down Street Station level is an underground green water maze filled with underwater spinning blades and a lot of well hidden cadeaux. When Shadowman progresses past the watery underground he comes across the abandoned train cars and subway hallways. Some areas in the level are rooms with fireplaces and beds and are filled with Jack's victims hanging from the ceiling and under bloody sheets in the bed. 

Most of the level is climbing up stairs, shimmying across ledges, swimming underwater, and fighting hordes of Zombie Dogs that put up a good fight. Be sure to check every nook and cranny for caedeaux, secrets and one of the Accumulators.

The only enemies in this level other than Jack are the Rottweilers turned into demon dogs when the shadow has fallen on Liveside. Just as the other levels with The Five one Prism can be found to lead to the Prism Gate to get back to the Asylum Engine Block.

Additional Info

  • The dead bodies hanging in the room and on the bed aren't in the N64 version of the game.
  • The various flysaround the dead bodies and rats on the floor aren't in the N64 version.
  • The song in the background when fighting Jack (and when you return to the stage after he is dead) is Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven. The song is played in it's entirety on the PC version only.

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