Cathedral of Pain alt angle screen cap

The Cathedral of Pain serves as a vital area in the Asylum located in Deadside. Like the rest of the Asylum, it was designed by Jack the Ripper.

The upper part of the level is where the main part of the cathedral is located. Distinguished by its Gothic-style achitecture, it features five altars and shrines dedicated to each member of The Five. Each altar also includes a corpse (each one has only its top half present while the lower half is missing) of that respective member. These corpses serve as a gateway between the catherdral and several areas Liveside. According to his journal, John Pierce / Jack the Ripper had designed a conduit that would allow him and the rest of the Five to project them between realms and at the same time receive a Dark Soul that will be placed within their bodies, making them truly immortal. This conduit includes schisms, built in both worlds and as keys in the form of medical retractors, to act as receiving receptacles. The retractors are to be placed within the torso of each corpse that must have its skull exposed, internal organs removed, cords of sorts incorported into the flesh, and the spinal column exposed. On the initial visit, only 2 of the conduits are open. The other three have to be opened via retractors. 2 Dark Souls can be found here. There is also a large hole in the central area (PC and Dreamcast only) that leads to the lower area. A small theatre-like area can also be found on the upper floor (PC and Dreamcast only).

The lower area is filled with hot coals and moving machinery. Unless Shadow Man has visited the Temple of Prophecy, this area cannot be explored.

This area, along with the rest of the Asylum, was destroyed upon Legion's defeat at the hands of Shadow Man.