The Calabash is the most powerful magic-powered weapon in the game. This voodoo-powered bomb can be found in the Temple of Blood area, behind a coffin gate of nine shadowpower. To use it, find a suitable location on the ground and activate the Calabash in your hand. You have then a short time to get away as far as possible, because the resulting explosion can easily kill or severely damage you as well, if you are still too close.

The most frequent use of the Calabash is to break open those uniquely-marked large stone platforms that cannot be opened otherwise, but it's equally effective at dealing with stationary or slow-moving enemy groups as well.

A single use of the Calabash consumes a whopping 1000 magic power (one full bar of your magic meter). Standing in the middle of a Calabash-explosion would result in 1,250,000 damage to the player (obliterating you even at max health of 10,000).

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In Shadowman the “uniquely marked stone patterns” on the floor of various levels in the game are called Veve or Vévé. The Prophecy states “Calabash destroyer of the sacred Veve.” The Veve's purpose is a beacon to descend the spirits of the Loa (a Haitian spirit) to earth. They may have sacrifices performed upon them or they may have offerings such as food and drink placed upon them, depending on which spirit desires what item. The Veve design itself is usually made out of a powder-like substance most commonly cornmeal. It is unknown which culture the Veve originated from but it is primarily from Haiti. The decoration design also depends on which spirit the Haitian people are trying to 'summon'.

In Shadowman it is unknown if he actually had anything to do with the Veve because in the videogame it is just a tile (which all the designs are the same) that can be smashed with the calabash to collect the goods under it. The symbol itself doesn't look like any other Veve in real life but looks similar to some depictions of the design of Papa Legba (or Ellegua) , who is the communicator for all the other Loa spirits and is one of the Gods of the crossroads or path to the underworld.

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