Asylum CagewaysEdit

"And deeper still the morbid mystery entwines. What love I ever had for life should find its place
Cageways trolley

cageways trolley

in here- locked within a cankered cell, beset by madmen, chained to hell. And deeper still a vast dark love I find within Asylum's darkly thrumming heart. No love of mine, not mine to love, for twisted is the purity of that finer thing and I should lay my partly living down to free the world from terror's tyranny." 

- Shadow Man, entering the Cageways

The Cageways is an area of the Asylum.

In the game, the level is divided into two areas:

The first area is set on the outside, far from the central tower. This area holds several bloody, yard-like areas containing Deadsiders and a small tower containing breakable containers and Hookmen. A rope extends across this part, allowing Mike to travel this level with ease. A train sits nearby, functional only through the Engineer's Key. The train carries Deadsiders and other corpses from Deadside to Cageways, most likely to deliver them to the Hookmen for butchering.

The second area is accessable by the train. It is filled with red-hot coals and various machinery, including a track containing cages. A retractor key that can be used in the Cathedral of Pain is located in Cageways, as well as a tram that Shadow Man can use to travel to the Engine Block area of the Asylum.

Upon Legion's defeat at the hands of Shadow Man, this area, as well as the rest of the Asylum, was destroyed and became nothing.

Additional InformationEdit

  • The train that is one of the main factors of this level may have been influenced by the train in the movie Species (1995) (designed by H.R. Giger) since they share a number of similarities.