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The Cadeaux (French for "gifts") are items that appear in the game Shadow Man and its sequel, Shadow Man: 2econd Coming.

Cadeaux are small ceremonial pots that can be used to increase Shadow Man's Shadow Display meter by one unit. They are offerings to the Loa for a "Spiritual trade for life beyond" as said by Shadow Man. In both games, he will start off with 5 units for the meter and can be eventually increased to 10. In the game Shadow Man, there are 500 pots to collect. As Shadow Man, Michael must bring them to the Temple of Life in the Wastelands of Deadside before 5 shrines each taking 100 each. A shrine that has already been offered a set amount will show 1 pot on top of it.

In 2econd Coming, the cadeaux are offered to 2 shrines located under the Homfront church in Louisiana. In addition to offering health, they will increase Micheal/Shadow Man's voodoo powers as well (replacing the Dark Soul method from the previous game). Rather than offering 100 at a time, it's cut to 10 for each offering increasing voodoo power and health meters by one unit depending on which shrine the offer is being made to (red glow for health, yellow glow for voodoo powers). After offering the cadeaux to each shrine 5 times each, they will become inactive.

In Shadow Man Remastered, there are 666 to collect in the game. Doing this will unlock an achievement called Cadeaux Collector. As of Version 1.4 update all 666 Cadeaux are needed for a door behind a new level 10 coffin gate in the Fogometers.

Guide (Remaster)[]

Bayou Paradis, Louisiana (32)[]

  1. When the game begins, just turn to your right, there will be a single cadeaux in a small cave. (1)
  2. After that, just continue until you reach a pond. There will be a larger cave at your right. In there, you will find two cadeaux and a govi. (2 & 3)
  3. Moving forward into the cave, you will eventually go under a bridge. There is a single cadeaux chilling in a small cave right after it. (4)
  4. Now you can continue to wander around, just play the game and stuff. At some point, you wil arrive at a place where you will have to climb on a rope to enter another cave. A lonely cadeaux is waiting for you right there. You can't really miss this one. (5)
  5. In the same cave, you will stumble upon another cadeaux just lying there. (6)
  6. Not long after, still in the same cave, there will be a third cadeaux that again, you can't really miss. (7)
  7. After exiting the cave, just run into the church to avoid the dogs. There is a cadeaux on the altar in the centre of the church. (A cutscene might trigger before you actually reach it, don't worry.) (8)
  8. After the cutscene, a single cadeaux is right after Nettie. You can shoot her if you want, she will scold you. (9)
  9. Still in the church, in the right room, you will find a box blocking the access of four cadeaux. You can just push said box, and claim your cadeaux. (10 ,11, 12, & 13)
  10. Now simply exit the church, take care of the dogs and go behind the building. You will find a small locked cabin. Just behind its fences lies a cadeaux. (14)
  11. If you want to get the 12 remaining cadeaux you can still obtain, just follow the guide. Go into the shed and drop down. This will lead you into yet another cave with a lake. (15 & 16)
  12. Now go into the underwater tunnel to the right, the one lit by a small lamp. Watch your breath, Mike has many talents, holding his breath more than five second is not one of them. In this tunnel, there is a cadeau. You can't really miss it. (17)
  13. After that, you will end up in a big lake filled with crocodiles. They are a real pain this early in the game, taking nineteen to twenty shots to die. So be very careful and don't let them get close to you, they will kill you in two seconds. If you manage to get rid of them, behind the submerged house in the distance, a single cadeaux is hidden at the bottom of the lake. (18)
  14. Backtrack a bit and go into the other house, it will lead you to a small dried pond with three crocodiles. Just avoid them, they're not that dangerous on land. Continue until you reach a cave, watch out for the dogs. In this cave, there is a cadeaux. (19)
  15. Continue until you get out and enter another one, there will be yet another cadeaux. You might recognize this one, you could see it from cadeau n°4 but couldn't jump high enough to reach it. Well now it's yours. (20)
  16. Drop down and go all the way for the church again, however, stop when you find the first white building. There are barrels blocking its access, now you can destroy them. Do so, and it will reward you with two cadeaux. (21 & 22)
  17. Now go back to the first dried pond where a sunken boat is located. On the side of the boat, there are planks. Destroy them, giving you access to a hole. Drop down into it, you will find a total of three cadeaux in there. There is a sneaky one hidden behind boxes, don't let it trick you. (23, 24, & 25)
  18. Now go back to the building behind the church and drop down the hole again, this time instead of going into the right underwater tunnel you will go into the left one. It will lead you to a small gap you can cross by climbing on a rope. Across the gap are two small houses, there is a cadeaux in the one that isn't destroyed. (26)
  19. So far, these are the 26 cadeaux you can get this early in the game. In order to get the last six, you will need l'Eclipser, an item that you won't have in your possession until reaching Shadow level 7 (51 Dark Souls or so). Nevertheless, if you already have it, you can get these two cadeaux by using the Baton on the altar near the church. (27 & 28)
  20. And lastly, you will need the Calabash to reach the last four cadeaux of this level. This item requires Shadow level 9 (95 Dark Souls). Locate the Vévé near the church (right next to the altar where you used the Baton) and blow it up with the Calabash. Continue down this area and you will stumble upon your last cadeaux. (29, 30, 31, & 32)

Deadside: Marrow Gates/Paths of Shadow (46)[]

Wasteland: Temple of Life (59)[]

Asylum: Gateway (40)[]

Asylum: Experimentation Rooms (32)[]

Temple of Fire (Toucher) (55)[]

Asylum: Cageways (36)[]

Asylum: Cathedral of Pain (37)[]

Asylum: Playrooms (36)[]

Temple of Prophecy (Marcher) (42)[]

Asylum: Lavaducts (32)[]

Temple of Blood (Nager) (35)[]

Asylum: The Fogometers (33)[]

Summer Camp, Florida (32)[]

London Subway (28)[]

Salvage Yard, Mojave Desert (35)[]

Mordant Street, Queens, NY (30)[]

Gardelle County Jail (26)[]