concept art


Bicephalods are enemies in the Shadow Man game that look like a humanoid torso with two arms and two heads. Looking as if they are decaying with their skulls exposed but they are still very agile when running on their hands. They are one of the few 'Duppies' capable of speech whispering “Shadowman....” when they are activated. They spit green projectiles at the player just like the Zombies and Dead Wings do and if close enough they will bite. Usually found in large groups of five or more they can be defeated easily with only a few shots from the Shadow Gun (or one charged up shot with more Shadow Power sections acquired with more Dark Souls.) The Bicephalods are mostly found in remote places in the Wasteland, such as the area before collecting the Asson voodoo weapon.

Embrace Darkshade (talk) 22:39, August 20, 2013 (UTC)