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"I hate this shit. Just a pawn in Nettie's masterplan.

She moves me in mysterious ways (and brother, sometimes she really does move me).

Can't do nothing about it since - nice as you please - she knitted my ribs into the Mask of Shadows.

I got nothing left anyways.

It's my fault Luke's dead, and mom and pop too.

I deserve everything I get - every bad thing that comes my way...

Can't live, can't die - Deadside's a perfect hood for me: a nowhere-place.

The asshole of the universe."

-Michael LeRoi at the beginning of the game

Bayou Paradis, Louisiana is the very first level of the video game Shadow Man and one of the 4 Liveside levels. It begins with a cutscene with Michael LeRoi riding on a boat. After the cutscene ends, Michael LeRoi jumps off the boat and into the swamp.


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