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"Momma says, kisses!" - Avery Marx

Avery Marx (born January 18, 1973): Another member of "The Five". Known as the "Home Improvement Killer" because of his MO of cutting off the power to his victim's homes, before stalking them in the dark wearing a pair of night vision goggles. Through several implications during his in-game dialogue, it appears that Avery was possibly sexually abused as a child by his own mother, whom he later killed. Part of his MO is to leave the skull of a canary with a written poem rolled up inside at the scenes of his crimes. The poem reads:

From the east the idiot monster cometh,

With nails to announce its blasphemous intent,

In still dark chambers it awaits the Shadow,

Ebon body scar the power,

Dark Messiah with a hideous strength.


He also raises canaries at his home. He uses the skin of his slain victims to create "furniture" and a "decorative" river of blood, while skinless, rotten victims have a tape recording placed on their body.

His hideout is a condemned hotel located at the fictional Mordant Street in the Queens borough of New York City.


  • Avery Max seems to be based off of Ed Gein. A man who turned corpses into furniture and other artifacts, and was overly emotionally attached to his mother to the point of insanity. This makes him one of the many characters in media to be based off of Ed Gein (i.e: Norman Bates, Buffalo Bill, Leatherface).